Skinny Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast


Falling into a chicken-every-night rut? Mix up your go-to weeknight meal with this easy skinny spinach stuffed chicken recipe.


  1. Posted by emtejera, — Reply

    Made this tonight with cheddar cheese as I didn’t have Parmesan! Looks like it’s going to taste so good, thank you for the recipe x

  2. Posted by lizziekohler, — Reply

    I made this and it was so delicious!! Not one complaint from my family, everybody loved it. It was also super easy and didn’t take much time.

  3. Posted by leeerin90, — Reply

    Made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious! Very easy to make as well. I heated the mixture over of the stove for a bit because I decided to add shallot and a splash of white wine. Didn’t have Parmesan and used mozzarella instead. Was a very easy tasty meal

  4. Posted by hardingshelby, — Reply

    Made it tonight. Took way longer than the time stated in the recipe and was overall not tasty. 😞 Wasted a lot of food!

  5. Posted by brittep553, — Reply

    Delicious and very simple. We ate it with asparagus and sweet potato, will definitely make again this week

  6. Posted by marandaramos, — Reply

    Amazing recipe and I really don’t even like plain cream cheese !!!

  7. Posted by andreliz2706, — Reply

    Muy rico gracias

  8. Posted by seiana337, — Reply

    Add artichoke and it’s amazing!🤤

  9. Posted by s146252, — Reply

    This recipe was so delicious:)!

  10. Posted by sogishirts, — Reply

    I should try this at home! :)

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